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Get to know us better as we get to know you better.

Dr. Chris Gilkey DC, ATC

Chiropractor, Owner

Dr. Nathan Gilkey, DC


Kelli M.

Billing & Insurance

Kristin R.


Pat D.

Massage Therapist

Kaitlin D.

Massage Therapist
Jacie - Chiropractic Assistant

Jacie M.

Chiropractic Assistant
Morgan - Chiropractic Assistant

Morgan H.

Chiropractic Assistant
Cindy - Chiropractic Assistant

Cindy J.

Chiropractic Assistant

Lydia L.

Chiropractic Assistant

Klaire P.

Chiropractic Assistant
Gilkey Chiropractic

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to help people while treating each patient individually and always referring those we can’t help to someone who can.
  • Our philosophy is based on the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. We believe in the importance of mind, body, and spirit in the healing process. We believe that God is at supreme control of all things, including the healing process.
  • Our goal is to use chiropractic care, Active Release Technique ™, dry needling, functional movement rehabilitation, athletic training, massage therapy, therapeutic exercise, and nutrition as a drug free approach to wellness.
  • Our results are determined by each patient. We convince no one of their health status and do not claim to help everyone. We hope that the patients we do help tell others of their results.
  • Through our commitment, philosophy, goals, and results, we are determined to positively change our surrounding community’s health… one patient at a time!

What Our Clients Say

Didn't know I had a slipped disc in my lower back. Had been in pain for about a year, sometimes crippling. I'm a carpenter by trade so this was a major problem for me. Setting up a 70-pound miter saw everyday just hurt and even picking up toolboxes was just painful. Never had a lot of faith in the medical profession as I've been let down before, so I just tried to deal with it. Couldn't handle it anymore. Was referred to this place and went for 3 sessions. The first was an x-ray and it was a great experience to have someone actually talk to me and explain everything in detail. Totally put my mind at ease and was honest about my situation. Literally 2 sessions of adjustment and the pain is gone. It was my third session that didn't even need the adjustment. Can't say enough. Even just the mental battle everyday was just wearing me down. I honestly couldn't be happier with the results. The staff are super friendly and just a great place to go to. Thank you for all your help.



The therapists are trained in the latest techniques and always discuss your specific trigger points which need release with massage before starting a treatment plan.



As a patient for over 25 years, I have consistently received excellent care. The staff is friendly & professional. I also recommend the massage therapists at Gilkey Chiropractic.



The doctors here are great!! I've been a client for many years and always had a great experience!! Also, the front desk staff is top notch and very professional and very friendly! I won't go anywhere else!



I started seeing Dr. Nathan a little over three years ago and I have loved the service. His staff is very helpful, and I have never been disappointed. Recently with an emergency back injury, I was able to get in on the same day. They are very personable, and you feel you are in great hands.


Gilkey Chiropractic